A Guide to Popular Fabrics for Wedding Gowns

A Guide to Popular Fabrics for Wedding Gowns

Your wedding gown is a statement of your unique style and the embodiment of your love story. Choosing the perfect fabric is a pivotal step in creating a gown that not only looks stunning on your body but also feels like a dream come true. Let's explore some of the most sought-after fabrics that bring magic to wedding gowns.

Silk Wedding Gowns: The Epitome of Grace and Luxury

Lavender silk in natural light for a custom made wedding gown or bridesmaids dress.

Silk is a lustrous and luxurious fabric that drapes beautifully. Its smooth surface and graceful sheen make it a popular choice for brides seeking an effortlessly elegant look. Whether you envision a classic A-line silhouette or flowing romantic dream, a Silk gown exudes timeless sophistication. Maybe in lavender anyone?

Lace Wedding Gowns: Delicate Beauty for a Timeless Romance

Lace wedding jumper with royal cape on a beautiful woman by Margo West in a window by a tree

Lace is synonymous with romance, and for good reason. This delicate fabric, often adorned with intricate patterns, adds a touch of vintage allure to any gown. From full lace overlays to delicate appliqué details, a lace wedding gown whispers a tale of timeless love.

Featured above is The SASHA, by Margo West. A stunning  a delicate sheer floral lace one piece jumpsuit with a modern and classic high fastened neckline. This is an absolutely STUNNING, sexy, and SHEER with a wide back strap and amazing detachable cape.

Tulle Wedding Gowns: The Ethereal Dream-maker

A beautiful a-line tulle wedding gown with sequins on a beautiful woman by Margo West

Light, airy, and ethereal, Tulle is a versatile fabric that lends itself perfectly to creating dreamlike bridal looks. Whether used in layers for a ball gown effect or in a delicate overlay for a touch of whimsy, Tulle brings a fairytale quality to any wedding ensemble.

Featured above is The MIA by Margo West. A sparkling ivory white a-line tulle ball gown with spaghetti strap lace appliqué, and plunging netted illusion neckline set in a mesmerizing cathedral length train skirt; illuminated by sparkling sequins.

Satin Wedding Gowns: Effortless Elegance with a Smooth Finish

satin fabric for custom made wedding gown by Margo West.

Satin is a classic choice for brides seeking a gown with a smooth, glossy finish. Its luxurious texture complements a variety of silhouettes, from traditional A-lines to modern sheaths. A satin wedding gown exudes an air of understated opulence.

Organza Wedding Gowns: Light as Air, Radiant as Love

A custom made ruffled organza wedding gown by Margo West on a pretty woman putting on her shoes.

For brides who desire a gown that shimmers and floats, Organza is the answer. This sheer, lightweight fabric boasts a subtle iridescence that catches the light with every step. A gown adorned with layers of organza creates an enchanting, almost magical, effect.

Selecting the right fabric for your wedding gown is a journey of self-expression and a celebration of your unique love story. Each of these fabrics brings its own special charm to the design, ensuring that your gown is a masterpiece tailored to your vision.

As you embark on this exciting chapter of your wedding preparations, remember that the perfect fabric is waiting to weave its magic into the gown of your dreams.

Have your wedding gown custom made by us at Margo West, and choose your own luxurious wedding dress fabrics and details so you can walk down the aisle in your own style and design!

I am here cheering you on every step of the way of your wedding gown journey, Beautiful!

Warm Wishes,

Margo West

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