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wedding dress alterations

Dramatic Transformations & The Perfect Fit

Margo West is known for, and specializes in the dramatic transformations brides and grooms dream about, but other designers will not do. We will rework special elements of your look to match your vision. Change any aspect of your dress to give it an enchanting touch that is all yours.

We love to create magic with our brides, and getting to know you and your vision for your special day is our dream. We tailor every inch of your look with great care and full attention to detail, creating the ultimate perfect fit for gowns, tuxedos, and suits.

We fill quickly, if your lead time is less than 8 weeks, check our availability by text at (214) 478-6594 before booking.

Pricing will depend on the scope of work requested by you. Please bring your wedding shoes and undergarments to each fitting.

Your wedding day is a symphony of meticulous details, each element harmoniously contributing to the grandeur of the occasion. Central to this orchestration is your wedding garment – a sartorial embodiment of your dreams, personality, and style. While selecting the perfect dress is a momentous decision, ensuring it fits flawlessly is equally crucial. Here's why entrusting your cherished bridal attire to professional alteration specialists is pivotal for achieving that impeccable, bespoke look.

**Personalized Fit for a Flattering Silhouette:**
Every bride deserves to feel like royalty on her special day, and the key to this regal aura lies in the fit of her dress. Professional alterations ensure that your dress hugs your body in all the right places, accentuating your natural curves and ensuring a seamless silhouette. Tailoring addresses nuances like hem length, waistline adjustments, and bust support, ensuring you radiate confidence as you walk down the aisle.

**Enhancing Comfort for Uninterrupted Celebrations:**
Weddings are a celebration of love, joy, and unity, and the last thing any bride wants is to be distracted by discomfort. Professional alterations ensure that your dress offers unparalleled comfort, allowing you to dance, mingle, and revel in every moment without the constraints of an ill-fitting garment. From adjusting straps to ensuring ease of movement, alterations cater to both aesthetics and functionality.

**Revitalizing Vintage and Heirloom Dresses:**
Many brides are fortunate to wear dresses passed down through generations, each bearing its own legacy and charm. However, these heirloom garments often require expert alterations to align with contemporary styles and personal preferences. Professional alteration specialists possess the finesse and expertise to transform vintage pieces, preserving their essence while infusing modern flair.

**Customizing to Reflect Your Unique Style:**
While bridal collections offer a myriad of exquisite designs, every bride envisions a dress that resonates with her individual style and vision. Professional alterations provide an avenue to customize your dress, be it by adding embellishments, altering necklines, or incorporating personal touches. This bespoke approach ensures that your dress is a true reflection of your personality and style ethos.

**Expertise in Handling Intricate Details:**
Wedding dresses are a symphony of intricate details – delicate lacework, ornate beadwork, and intricate embroidery. These elements demand precision and expertise during alterations to maintain their integrity. Professional alteration specialists possess a deep understanding of fabric nuances and embellishment techniques, ensuring that every alteration complements, rather than compromises, the dress's original design and craftsmanship.

**Cost-effective Solution to Size Changes:**
Wedding preparations are a whirlwind of emotions and activities, and sometimes, despite the best intentions, our bodies might undergo subtle changes leading up to the big day. Professional alterations offer a cost-effective solution to accommodate these changes, ensuring that your dress fits impeccably, regardless of any last-minute alterations in size or shape.

**Ensuring Timely and Efficient Alterations:**
Wedding preparations often span months, with each detail meticulously planned. Professional alteration services offer a structured timeline, ensuring that your dress alterations are completed timely, allowing ample time for fittings and adjustments. This organized approach alleviates stress, ensuring that you can approach your wedding day with confidence and peace of mind.

**Preserving the Dress's Longevity:**
Wedding dresses are more than just attire; they're cherished keepsakes, imbued with memories and emotions. Proper alterations ensure that your dress is handled with care, using techniques that preserve its fabric and craftsmanship. This meticulous attention to detail not only enhances its fit but also ensures its longevity, allowing future generations to cherish its beauty.

In conclusion, your wedding dress is a testament to love, dreams, and the promise of forever. Entrusting its alterations to professionals ensures that this symbol of your journey together fits seamlessly into your narrative, embodying your unique style and essence. As you embark on this beautiful journey, let your dress be a reflection of your love story, tailored to perfection and radiating timeless elegance.