Embracing Timeless Elegance: Trends That Endure in Wedding Gown Design

Embracing Timeless Elegance: Trends That Endure in Wedding Gown Design

Finding that perfect gown is a pivotal part of your wedding adventure. While the world of bridal fashion is ever-evolving, there are certain design elements that have a magic about them, standing the test of time. Let's chat about some of these perennial favorites that continue to capture hearts across the globe, based on what we've been seeing in search trends.

The Graceful Dance of Lace

Lace wedding gown in the sunshine on a woman holding a flower.

Oh, lace! It's a fabric that's been weaving its way into bridal dreams for generations. Its delicate, intricate patterns bring a touch of romance and timeless grace to any gown. Whether as an overlay or the main fabric, lace is a language of love that transcends trends. Brides around the world continue to be enchanted by the enduring allure of lace.

A Symphony of Classic Silhouettes

Gorgeous Black woman in a white mermaid wedding gown that was altered with the perfect fit for her body by Margo West

There's something about classic silhouettes that never fails to leave a lasting impression. The mermaid, a-line, ball gown, and sheath dresses are like old friends, offering elegance that's never out of place. These timeless shapes embrace a variety of body types and offer a look of understated sophistication. Data echoes what our hearts already know – these silhouettes are forever cherished.

Our stunning bride featured above wears a mermaid Mikado Silk gown altered for the perfect fit on her body by Margo West.

Subtle Sparkles That Catch the Eye, or More Sparkles 

Custom sparkling wedding gown in dallas texas by Margo West

A touch of sparkle, be it through sequins, beads, or crystals, adds a sprinkle of magic to any gown. It's a subtle, enchanting way to bring a bit of glamor without overwhelming the overall look. However, adding more sparkles is always so magical. To glisten and glitter as you walk and dance. In every generation through time, you will see a sparkly bride; announcing the enduring appeal of gowns with these delicate, shining details.

Our bride above is wearing The Princess by Margo West. The Princess is a glorious full pleated aline ball gown with beaded sequin appliqué and a strapless sweetheart neckline.

Whispers of Illusion

Illusion neckline and lace wedding gown, sexy wedding dress on a beautiful bride

There's a certain ethereal quality to illusion necklines and backs. Whether adorned with lace or delicate appliqués, these sheer panels add a hint of mystery while maintaining an air of grace. Brides everywhere are drawn to the allure of illusion details, confirming their status as an eternal trend. Featured above, our bride wears The Sasha by Margo West. 

The Sasha is a delicate sheer floral lace one piece jumpsuit with a modern and classic high fastened neckline. 

Sleeves + Shawls That Tell Their Own Story

Custom sleeves and shawls for wedding gowns by Margo West in Dallas texas. Our bride wearing a custom tulle shawl for her wedding day.

Long-sleeved gowns have a regal, timeless charm that's hard to resist. Shawls add a playful accent to unique designs, and can be made in an array of fabrics. Whether fashioned from lace, satin, or sheer fabric, they offer a touch of modesty and an air of classic sophistication. Trends continue to reveal a strong interest in gowns with long sleeves and shawls, reinforcing their position as a cherished favorite. Featured above, our bride wears a custom handmade soft tulle shawl by Margo West on her wedding day.

In the end, my dear friend, remember that your wedding gown should not only mirror current trends but also speak to your heart. It should make you feel absolutely radiant on your special day. By blending these timeless design elements with your unique style, you'll create a look that's both contemporary and enduring.

Cheers to this beautiful chapter in your life. I'm here cheering you on every step of the way.

Warmest wishes,

Margo West

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